'Bigfoot' Caught On Video In California

Photo: Getty Images

When you spend time in the more rural parts of the country, you see things that you might not otherwise glimpse in more populated areas. That's what happened to one woman who was spending some time by the mountains in Northern California. While driving around in an ATV, she filmed the scenery for a quick Snapchat video. Later, as she watched the clip, she noticed something she missed in the moment - a large creature jumping from a tree and running away at a pretty high speed. Many viewers are certain that creature is Bigfoot.

The footage was put up on TikTok by a friend, and when it is played at normal speed, if you blink, you might miss all the action. When it is slowed down though, that's when you can definitely see something mysterious going on.

While whatever is in the video bears striking resemblance to a Sasquatch with its seemingly long legs and big, furry body, naysayers think it is simply a bird. They explain it is just some kind of avian animal jumping from a tree and swooping low down, then pumping its wings quickly to take off. When the wings are pointed down, they might look like legs, and when the wings are pointed up, they look similar to a person jumping. Plus, the bird's feathers might resemble fur.

Skeptics say the camera angle plays a role too since the bird is closer to the lens, which gives the illusion of it being on the ground in the distance, when that is not the case.

No word on if any feathers... or fur... were found in the area, so no one can conclusively say exactly what was captured in the clip.

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