'Wheel Of Fortune's Twitter Slams 'Jeopardy!'

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Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy have so much in common - they are both popular game shows, they typically air at around the same time, they were both created by Merv Griffin, and they have both been on for decades. Now, after years of peaceful co-existence, Wheel has gone off and started a war with Jeopardy.

It happened after Jeopardy won PlutoTV's Battle Of The Fandoms tournament. To take the gold, Jeopardy edged out Wheel in the first round. After the quiz show was crowned the winner, Wheel tweeted out a passive-aggressive congratulations to them. They wrote, "Sorry it's taken us this long to congratulate our (little) sister show Jeopardy on winning, but we were busy giving away $200+ million in cash and prizes..."

Fans were shocked that Wheel would throw shade like that. One wrote, "Oof, not a good look," while another said, "Cringe."

Some commenters defended Wheel though, with one writing, "At least some shows give 2nd and 3rd place their winnings and not just pity consolation prizes!" referring to how only the winner on Jeopardy takes home what they earned on the show while the second and third place finishers get just $2,000 and $1,000, respectively. Though a Jeopardy fan responded angrily stated, "If Jeopardy did that, a lot of players would just stop playing at a certain point and bet nothing in Final Jeopardy, which would cut its ratings down!"

Someone else pointed out that it was actually Jeopardy that started the war back when they were facing off against Wheel in the PlutoTV tournament's first round. Back then, Jeopardy shared a picture of Vanna White in front of a puzzle board that spelled out, "Voting For Jeopardy!"

That got reactions like, "This is petty... and I am here for it," and "Savage."

Jeopardy has not yet fired back following Wheel's latest tweet.

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