The Best Seafood Restaurant In Texas

Cavatelli pasta dish with seafood in Polignano a Mare, Italy.

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Some foodies are willing to dive deep into the treasures of the sea, munching their way through the most unique and best reviewed seafood restaurants around them.

Although seafood isn’t everyone’s favorite, for those who enjoy it, these establishments offer flavors upon flavors drawn from the vast aquatic landscape — essentially mirroring the diversity of the sea.

With a commitment to freshness and offerings that place maritime delicacies at the forefront, seafood restaurants lure diners with the promise of indulging in the finest catches of the day.

24/7 Wall St. created a list of the best seafood restaurant in all 50 states:

“Many cultures eat some form of raw fish, be it poke, ceviche, crudo, or sashimi, and most of the restaurants listed serve raw fish or shellfish as a starter. Some oyster bars even offer oysters raised on site in their own shellfish ponds. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.
Regional American seafood is heavily represented across the country, whether it be Cajun-style boiled crawfish, New England clam chowder, Gulf Coast crab claws, or Chesapeake Bay crab cakes. Fish tacos are now ubiquitous fare at American seafood restaurants, and po’boys are no longer solely reserved for New Orleans.”

In Texas, the seafood restaurant which stands out amongst the rest is Hai Cang Harbor Seafood Restaurant in Houston:

“A casual but elegant Chinese restaurant that offers a huge selection of seafood, Hai Cang is set up to serve large parties, with numerous special, family-style menu spreads good for eight to 10 guests. Customers come back the ginger scallion lobster, soft-shell crab with butter, spotted prawns with tamarind sauce, and razor clams with basil leaves.”

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