Was He Really Playing or Was Judi Duped? TikTik Video Lots of Comments

His sign read "Please help if can, to help pay for rent". Well, I was moved to tears and of course gave him what cash I had left in my bag. I didn't want to interrupt but had to shoot a quick video which I posted on TikTok (see below) Follow Judi's TikTok Page HERE

This was on Tuesday afternoon, and I posted it and forgot about it. Well, a few hours later my phone started "pinging" with TikTok notifications and the comments blew up! Lots of love for his playing, BUT there were also a lot of comments doubting whether he was, in fact, actually PLAYING the instrument!

At first, I was dumbfounded. I commented back saying I did in fact TAKE the video with my phone and SAW his fingers on the strings! (Billy and a few others thought I'd just found the video and shared it not realizing it came from me). Here's a snapshot of some of the comments: