Survey Says: Most Americans Want To Stop Changing The Clocks

Sunday most of us turned our clocks ahead an hour for the end of Daylight Saving, and it’s pretty apparent that nobody really wants to do that anymore.

A new YouGov poll finds:

  • 63% of Americans would like to eliminate changing the clocks.
  • That’s true for 67% of both Democrats and Republicans.
  • Also, 77% of those over 65 think we should stop, although surprisingly, only 42% of those under 30 feel that way.
  • Overall, 34% were not looking forward to changing the clocks this past weekend, while 21% were, and 38% didn’t care.

But if we did stop changing the clocks, which time would most people prefer to have in the U.S.?

  • 48% of people would prefer to stick with Daylight Saving, meaning clocks are “sprung forward” for a later sunset.
  • Only 29% would prefer to stick with Standard Time permanently.

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