Update on the Woman from the Spinning Helicopter Rescue


Did you see this? If not: A woman is being rescued after falling during a hike. She hurt herself pretty badly in the fall and they called emergency response to help get her to the hospital as quickly as possible. While they are raising her up to the helicopter, the stretcher starts to spin...like faster than any amusement park ride spin! They could not get it to stop spinning so they had to fly off with it spinning. I watched this along side you in horror for this poor, injured, 74yr old woman. Imagine her husband who was on the ground watching this happen! Oh. My. God.

There apparently a certain wire that normally keeps this from happening and for what ever reason it was not attached.

They got this woman to the hospital where she was treated for what sounds like motion sickness on top of her injuries from her fall. BUT there's way more to that story!

Her husband did an interview and said that when he got to the hospital, her face was swollen, eyes were black and blue, her face was discolored, her hands and feet were also black and blue. He said he could barely recognize her. The nurse told him that was from all the blood being pushed to the outter parts of her body during the spin and broke the small vessels causing the discoloration. Can you imagine how that felt??? The woman told her husband she really thought she was going to die while the basket spun. She took deep breaths in and out and wondered when it would all end. YEAH! Wow. She is resting at the hospital, too weak to do anything and definitely can't get out of bed yet. I just hope that spinning sensation has stopped. I'm not sure this poor girl will ever forget this.


Kat Jackson

Kat Jackson

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